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On-tice. On-gage. On-chant.

About Us

In this fast-paced digital world, it’s hard to connect to all the media happening around you. Your branding and social media are two key parts in the successful communication of a product, event or company to your community. You want to be a social media magnet. You need the means to connect, communicate and reach out to the desired audience.

At shroomsocial, we not only understand this need to communicate, we also provide a platform to reach that audience. We have a community mushrooming and connecting to more and more people involved with promotions and event management. Just like a single mushroom takes root and rapidly multiplies creating its own colony, shroomsocial took root with a single individual. Today it has “mushroomed out,” and created its own colony — a constantly increasing connected community feeding its members with communications that reach out by sharing them on all the major social networking sites. This means faster and effective communication of your message with a broader reach to a targeted audience.

shroomsocial makes it easy.

We know how important it is for you to have a thriving network of contacts. At shroomsocial, managing your social networking conversations just got easier. We not only help with interaction, we keep a record of your social connections. shroomsocial will build brand awareness in a three-way process by managing the conversations between you, your influencers, and potential customers. We develop the required content to suit your needs to increase your fan base and bring in mountains of followers.

shroomsocial creates content.

Content is the key to a successful brand or organization. No doubt marketing via social media channels will grab eyeballs, but that will be stunted if it’s not backed by the right content. Such content must ideally spark interest from your target audiences. Social media in itself creates and distributes relevant and valuable information to a greater number of people within an admirably short span of time. Effective content marketing via social media acts as an attraction and engages your target audiences with a primary objective:

Driving profitable customer action through interaction development, stimulating conversation and, ultimately, building your business.

shroomsocial maximizes efficiencies.

To widen your reach to the desired audience, you must connect with people in a compelling way. You must be a trendsetter — knowing the latest fads and predicting what’s coming next. For this, you must broaden your horizon with the giants in social media. shroomsocial does just that by utilizing the tools within Twitter and Facebook to maximize your brand’s reach. We make you an authority in your space by engaging with your audience and providing them with information that educates them to take action.